June 10, 2013

The Light Shines Through History

Alcobaca Monastery

The Monastery of Batalha was built in 1385, is One of the UNESCO  world heritage Site, a Dominican convent in the civil parish of Batalha, central region of Portugal. 
It is one of the best and original examples of Late Gothic architecture in the world.

Encountering this church was a very precious experience I had with Portugal.
Thanks again, Belita  :)


  1. Impressive shot. A beautiful building.

  2. Truly impressive architecture!!! Great shot, Sophie!!

  3. That's my place... Dominicans are known also as black friars :)

  4. I feel really happy to notice, once again, how you appreciated your visit to Portugal. I feel glad to have driven you to some places, such as Batalha, and see on here a beautiful photo of the monastery... Thanks, Sophie, for spreading through your awesome shots on here a bit of this country...

  5. Awesome architecture to allow the light in like that...nice capture

  6. Breathtaking image Sophie, so much history it's a little awesome to imagine..especially when Perth is so young by comparison.

  7. This is beautiful. Well captured.


~ Thank you ~

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