September 5, 2018

The Persistence of Memory

Roman Forum for Sophie

This city, like a string drawn between yesterday and tomorrow, you know all you have lost and left behind.
You cannot see what lies ahead clearly.
But a horizontal gravity thrusts you into the thick of tomorrow, to an enchanting unknown in an unfinished poem you are about to begin.
Then it will take charge of its course.

People called me a dreamer when I said that there is a type of love; stretched from dream to reality...

June 17, 2018

Have things I remembered ever happened?

In Poetically well built memory, formed from the heart's compulsions;
we are consoled not by finding ourselves returning to the city that we love,
but by losing all sense of time.

January 26, 2016

The Museum Of Innocence

Beauty and memories are inseparable; we often find love in memories.

January 19, 2016


That winter I traveled, but I never arrived...

May 27, 2015

It Snows Only Once In Our Dreams

I started reading Orhan Pamuk's writing last year in a time of deep sadness.  During those dark period, a thought of such a book - a book I looked forward to read was a consolation that helped me through...

here is Pamuk's Snow

November 24, 2014

I Sing You A Lullaby

As you asked me, I stand now in the place where you sleep.
Our friendship, love, company the farewell before those who have come; 
our butterflies holding your hands in your final journey.

Every year, when the leaves change their colors; the Autumn comes
I shall hear you whispering my name in my waking dreams...

November 18, 2014

Look Not In My Eyes

Narcissus is a genus of mainly hardy, predominantly spring-flowering, bulbous perennial plants in the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis) family, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. Various common names including daffodil, jonquil and Lent (or Lenten) lily are used to describe all or some members of the genus.


watercolor on paper

One day Narcissus, a hunter from the territory of Thespiae, was walking in the woods when Echo, (a mountain nymph) saw him, fell deeply in love, and followed him.

Narcissus sensed he was being followed and shouted "Who's there?". Echo repeated "Who's there?". She eventually revealed her identity and attempted to embrace him. He stepped away and told her to leave him alone. She was heartbroken and spent the rest of her life in lonely glens until nothing but an echo sound remained of her.

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image; unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus drowned, and in its place came a narcissus flower.

The pale flower is still found near river banks so that it can be reflected on the water.

Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself.


Narcissus is a painting by the Italian baroque master Caravaggio, painted circa 1597–1599. It is housed in the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica in Rome.

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